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Transformational Coaching
Transformational Coaching

What is Transformational Coaching?

Animas Coaching defines Transformational Coaching as follows: 

Transformational coaching seeks to bring about increased awareness of a person’s model of the world in order to create new possibilities for how one sees oneself, other people and the world.

A transformational coach could be said to work “deeper”. Their focus is on helping the client explore the underlying assumptions, beliefs, values, expectations, personal attitudes that shape their experience of themselves, their world and other people. Of course, this is not an unfocused exploration. It starts with the client’s presenting challenge, issue or aspiration but rather than focusing purely on resolving or achieving this, it seeks to explore what is at the heart of this whilst also enabling, where relevant, the achievement of the objectives.”

About Me

Albert Krikken
Transformational Coach

In my early twenties, I grabbed my backpack and left my hometown in Holland in order to explore the world and gain as much business experience as possible. Over the course of 20 years I worked in the Financial Trading, Private Equity and Oil & Gas industries and found everything I thought would fulfil me: success, recognition and high earnings.

Instead of fulfilment it left me without a work-life balance and ultimately gave me a sense of missing out on what truly mattered to me in life: genuine happiness. Losing both my parents to cancer further made me realize how short life can be and that it’s never too early or too late to start focusing on your dreams and on what warms your heart. For me as a life coach this is helping others find their true calling and their source of fulfilment. 

What is yours?

What I offer

Albert Krikken

As your personal coach I will, whilst sticking to  the basic principles of Transformational Coaching, not unleash a plethora of coaching techniques on you, but rather work together with you in order to intuitively uncover what truly fulfils you, explore hidden potentials and uncover any blindspots you may have. 

We will then forge a roadmap towards reaching your goals and becoming a happier and more fulfilled version of yourself. As we move along this path, we will identify what is holding you back, how you can get a better work-life balance and what other challenges may loom on the horizon. Our ultimate goal will be to find how you can overcome whatever is keeping you from being truly happy and fulfilled. 

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"A most rewarding experience"

I just had a Transformational Coaching from Albert Krikken. I found it a most rewarding and positive experience. Albert has an excellent intuition, he is calm, relaxed and slowly but skilfully leads you down a path towards clarity. Albert helped me find solutions I had not seen or thought possible before. I am very grateful that I was fortunate enough to have done this session with him.

Mark Kingsford, Amsterdam

"Guided me forward"

I was initially quite apprehensive about life coaching so I spent some time searching for a coach that I could work with. Thankfully I found Albert. I was immediately put at ease and felt a strong rapport in our first session. 

Albert has excellent listening skills, communicates effectively and was able to ascertain my needs and ambitions to provide constructive feedback. He created a safe environment to allow my well-being to be the priority. He shows great empathy, has tremendous confidence, charisma and personality, all of which helped my journey and guided me forward.

Patrick Flynn, London

"Helped me to re-define my goals and priorities"

Albert is an accomplished coach with a high level of emotional intelligence and I feel fortunate to have found someone so intuitive. He has helped me to re-define my goals and priorities and was instrumental in enabling me to see a clear path. I continue to engage with Albert on my journey and would highly recommend him to anyone who is at a cross roads in life or embarking on difficult challenges and/or changes.

Mario De-Crescenzo, London

"Intuitive , sincere and deeply passionate"

Coaching with Albert has been invaluable to me. I was struggling with some issues in my home/personal life, and Albert helped me immensely in finding clarity with respect to my predicament. I found Albert to be intuitive, sincere and deeply passionate as a coach. He displayed an extremely positive attitude with positive energy, which is why I felt very comfortable being coached by him. He helped me find my way through. I would definitely recommend Albert to everyone looking for a life coach, who is highly motivated in serving you.

Mariam Khalid, London

“inspires strength, motivation, and direction”

If I could bottle Albert Krikken and put him in my handbag to pull out when needed I would. For anyone needing a different perspective that provides illumination in any life situation then Albert is the person to go to. I find him to be friendly, sincere, committed, professional and intelligent. Whilst he listens without judgment, Albert is not a crutch to lean upon but he inspires strength, motivation, and direction as he encourages self-reflection and insight. I cannot recommend Albert enough; he is a great transformational coach who has changed my life for the better. He was worth every penny spent!

Zoe Barker-Moss, Lancashire

Next steps & contact information

Please feel free to contact me to schedule a free introductory call. In this call we can discuss what you would like to explore in our sessions and how we will go about this. This call will give you a good idea of what our coaching sessions will be like.

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Location & Cost

Based in Switzerland, I do travel to London regularly. Contact me for a face-to-face transformational coaching or executive coaching session in your location or online. 

Write me to schedule an introductory call of 30mins free of charge and to then discuss what kind of tailor-made coaching package may suit you best.

Hopeful Children Center Cambodia

10% of my fee will be donated to the Hopeful Children Center in Cambodia. a registered charity based in Holland.

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